Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow-I gotta hate it!!!

Let's see we had snow on Friday, snow on Sunday, Snow today and it is suppose to snow ALL day tomorrow!! It is constantly grey outside and as I was out shoveling the driveway, I could help but curse and swear! Yeah, snow is all pretty and beautiful & makes you want to curl up with a book in your bed. Well, it makes me want to scream! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! ANOTHER CURSED DAY OF SNOW!!"
I mean it would be one thing if I actually had a reason to enjoy it. Maybe if I lived in the mountains and could go skiing or sledding or something.
But I is what it is!!
But if I could I would like to have a firm talk with Mother Nature!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here it is the night before February and I am just now posting Christmas Pictures. We had such a nice holiday, we got to stay at home!! It has been such a long time since we spent the whole day at home by ourselves. It was great, we got to stay in our PJ's, eat whatever we wanted, watched movies & played the Wii. That night Warren made Prime Rib and he did a wonderful job cooking and I honestly tried to like it but man I couldn't get over the blood and the red meat. But he cooked it exactly the way it should be, I am more of a "i like it burned" kinda girl. And that is not a reference to when I went to Mexico and got 2nd degree burns on my legs. THAT was not a good burn!! Ha!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going to school when there is no school!

It is another gloomy day inside, well I guess it is more ice than gloom. There is a Ice storm passing through, so every school district within 60 miles is canceled. But seeing as I had no idea there was even a storm approaching, I woke Aubrey up at 6:50 and went and waited at the bus for 20minutes. Now this isn't the first time the bus was late/didn't show up, so I was going to take her to school but since Warren is out of town I couldn't leave the boys at home by themselves. So we went back to the house, I got them out of bed and proceeded to drive her to school, we were half way there when I turned on the radio and listened to all the school closings & realized that nobody had school. So far Aubrey is the only one dressed for the day! Ahhh...we love Iowa!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well....we are finally getting settled here in Iowa and I thought I really need to figure out this blogging thing or at least do it on a more consistent basis. Maybe it is because I am in the house ALL the time because it is freezing outside. Maybe it is because I am finally getting things organized. Who knows! Although by the look of my house today, you wouldn't think so. lol!!
But I even have this desire to scrapbook some of my pictures. Which if you know me, I have never had any small amount or even a sliver of desire to scrapbook. So this is a big deal for me, well I guess it will be once I actually get something even remotely close to scrapbooking done. Or is it "scraping a book" Oh well. I will let you know!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This past 4th of July we went Camping down @ Table Rock Lake near Branson. I think camping is a bit like childbirth. (without the great gift you get at the end and the excruciating pain.) What I mean is while your doing it, your thinking..."ugh! This really sucks!" (more or less) and then when it is over and everything is cleaned up for some reason, you want to do it again. ????
But we had a lot of fun! Our friends, Paul & Teralee Aaron and their 2 sweet little girls came with us. It was so much fun. We spent a day on a pontoon boat complete with a grill. Although I forgot the tongs, so when we went to cook the hamburger and Hot Dogs we had nothing to flip them with. We improvised and Warren was a grill master! We all got a little sun, a little smoke on our clothes and A LOT of Chigger bits. Yeah Missouri!!! Here are a few photos of the kids "driving" the boat!

This last one is just for proof. Proof that every now and then Aubrey and Andrew get along! LOL!! Even though Andrew isn't really smiling, deep down I know he is.

Few up dated photos

Andrew and our Good Friend Wes Johnson playing ball.

Aubrey doing her "I am Woman" softball pitch!
Aubrey had a great first season and learned quite a bit.

These were taken down in NM while at my sister Julie's Wedding!!

Here is "Granpa's girl" and Grandpa Jim, home from TX for Father's day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Aubrey Graduates from Shoal Creek Elementry

I can hardly believe that my daughter is going into Middle School. Here in Liberty they have this big "graduation" if you will. Big presentation. Refreshments the works. I suppose because Aubrey is my first and only daughter that it is a little sad. They put on this slide of show and as I stood there that night and watched her baby picture and then a current photo flash across the screen, I was transported into the future. And I saw her High school graduation and going on to college and then getting married and starting a family of her own.... And yes, I started to get a little teary-eyed. It just seems like yesterday that Warren and I brought her home from the hospital. People always tell you to enjoy the time that you have with your kids, lots of people told me that but I realized I never really believed them. And sure enough I look at my kids and miss those days of diapers and feedings and going to playgroups and all the first that they have. But at the same time I realize that we are going to have so many different kinds of first now......First day of Middle School, First broken heart, First day of YM/YM, getting Driving License, the first time they really test their faith on their own........
And I am truly excited to see my children's life unfold but I will relish each and every day with them or at least that is my goal.