Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going to school when there is no school!

It is another gloomy day inside, well I guess it is more ice than gloom. There is a Ice storm passing through, so every school district within 60 miles is canceled. But seeing as I had no idea there was even a storm approaching, I woke Aubrey up at 6:50 and went and waited at the bus for 20minutes. Now this isn't the first time the bus was late/didn't show up, so I was going to take her to school but since Warren is out of town I couldn't leave the boys at home by themselves. So we went back to the house, I got them out of bed and proceeded to drive her to school, we were half way there when I turned on the radio and listened to all the school closings & realized that nobody had school. So far Aubrey is the only one dressed for the day! Ahhh...we love Iowa!!


  1. that stinks! I wish we had school closures. We only get fog delays here and we haven't even had one this school year! But I do love the days when you don't have much to do and can just cuddle inside and watch movies all day! Sorry about the stinky weather!

  2. No way! We're not having that weather here! It's crazy!