Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This past 4th of July we went Camping down @ Table Rock Lake near Branson. I think camping is a bit like childbirth. (without the great gift you get at the end and the excruciating pain.) What I mean is while your doing it, your thinking..."ugh! This really sucks!" (more or less) and then when it is over and everything is cleaned up for some reason, you want to do it again. ????
But we had a lot of fun! Our friends, Paul & Teralee Aaron and their 2 sweet little girls came with us. It was so much fun. We spent a day on a pontoon boat complete with a grill. Although I forgot the tongs, so when we went to cook the hamburger and Hot Dogs we had nothing to flip them with. We improvised and Warren was a grill master! We all got a little sun, a little smoke on our clothes and A LOT of Chigger bits. Yeah Missouri!!! Here are a few photos of the kids "driving" the boat!

This last one is just for proof. Proof that every now and then Aubrey and Andrew get along! LOL!! Even though Andrew isn't really smiling, deep down I know he is.

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  1. love the pictures! Your kids are so adorable! the lake looks like a lot of fun!