Monday, May 18, 2009

Aubrey Graduates from Shoal Creek Elementry

I can hardly believe that my daughter is going into Middle School. Here in Liberty they have this big "graduation" if you will. Big presentation. Refreshments the works. I suppose because Aubrey is my first and only daughter that it is a little sad. They put on this slide of show and as I stood there that night and watched her baby picture and then a current photo flash across the screen, I was transported into the future. And I saw her High school graduation and going on to college and then getting married and starting a family of her own.... And yes, I started to get a little teary-eyed. It just seems like yesterday that Warren and I brought her home from the hospital. People always tell you to enjoy the time that you have with your kids, lots of people told me that but I realized I never really believed them. And sure enough I look at my kids and miss those days of diapers and feedings and going to playgroups and all the first that they have. But at the same time I realize that we are going to have so many different kinds of first now......First day of Middle School, First broken heart, First day of YM/YM, getting Driving License, the first time they really test their faith on their own........
And I am truly excited to see my children's life unfold but I will relish each and every day with them or at least that is my goal.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mother's Day gift.

I was trying to think of THE best mother's day gift last week. Something that I could give my mom but something that I would really want. I happen to be 'thinking' this over as I was running between taking Aubrey to piano lessons and taking Andrew to a friends house, all the while dealing with a hungry Adam, which if you know him, is NOT a good thing. But let me back up, I love working. I love being in an office environment, getting dressed up and interacting with people. But for a lot of different reasons I decided to Stay at home full-time. So with that decision running through my head and with all the running around I thought to myself "I wonder if my kids will ever know what I gave up for them. Will they ever know how much I love them and how much I did for them?"
DING-DING!!! I had my answer for the perfect Mother's Day gift. And so I told my mom that her gift was the fact that... I know. Not only do I know but I am so thankful. I finally see what my mom did for me. What she taught me and what she gave me. And I am thankful for all the things I never said thank-you for.
And THAT would be the best Mother's day gift I could ever receive.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Start of a Blog.

Well, I have jumped on the 'blog-wagon.' Not that that means I have ANY idea what I am doing or that I know how to "blog" but I am going to give it a try. I am not really sure why I decided to give in, so to speak. I don't really think that my life is too exciting or that what I say would be of some significance. I guess I am doing it more for me, something to perserve my thoughts and the day-to-dayness of my life. And no, I don't think "dayness" is really a word, well the spell check says it is not a word but it IS a Nancy word. I think I should create my own dictionary or perhaps a guide as to how I speak and what I say. LOL!! Just so you have some clue what I am talking about:) Anyway, raise a glass (of cranberry and club soda-my personal fav) to the start if a long and happy blogging life!